With a name like Evergreen since 1985… we were thinking about the environment long before it became popular. Please join us in the everGREEN initiative:   

1. Appliances purchased by our company have an Energy Star rating.

2. We are in the process of replacing common areas lighting with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.

3. By changing our company software and procedures… we estimate that we have reduced our toner and paper consumption by 35%.

4. Our preventative maintenance programs focus on eliminating wasteful consumption of utilities.

5. We have begun our “GO E-communication” campaign… sign up to get communications via email rather than print.

6. New construction and capital improvement projects are planned with environmental consideration.

7. Every year, we plant new trees and plants at our communities.

8. DO YOUR PART (and SAVE MONEY)… Eliminate wasteful use of heat, water and electric… pick up an “everGREEN INFORMATION PACKET” from the Office today and begin living everGREEN!