Evergreen is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and we pledge the following to every resident at our communities:

HOME – We appreciate that our residents choose an Evergreen community to call home.  Organizationally, our top priority is that you are comfortable, happy, and proud of your home.

LISTEN – Every resident at an Evergreen property has a voice.  We will listen to all comments and suggestions.  We will work tirelessly to address any concerns in a timely manner.  

RESPECT – Every member of the Evergreen team will treat our residents with respect and appreciation.

VALUE – We will continue the Evergreen tradition of providing an outstanding product at an exceptional price and offer the best values in apartment living.

REINVESTMENT – Evergreen will consistently reinvest into our communities, ensuring that they are attractive and in good condition.

LIFESTYLE – Evergreen, through our company philosophy and programs such as Evergreen apHEARTments, truly builds communities to call home.  Whether it is our annual Resident Festival, our charitable efforts, our Resident Appreciation Days, or simply reaching out to our residents in a time of need… we will offer more than just a home, we will offer a community.