Rental Applications Terms and Conditions

A.  Processing of the Application
The application cannot begin to be processed until the following occur:
1.  All information required on the application is complete; and,
2.  Each applicant submits a copy of his or her two latest pay stubs or signed employment verification on company letterhead or other written verification of income; and,
3.  Each applicant submits a copy of his or her driver’s license or other valid photo identification; and,
4.  Each applicant submits a copy of his or her social security card or other card verifying legal status in the United States.
5. The applicant submits the required application fee (if any).
B.  Application Fees
Application fees are NOT refundable.  If prior to move-in there is any refund due it will occur ten business days after it is conclusively established as being due and owing. All application fees (if any) and monies required for move-in (if applicable) must be in certified funds (certified check or money order-properly and completely filled out by the applicant/leaseholder).  No cash is accepted.

C.  Pricing, Specials and Availability
All quoted pricing, specials and availability are subject to change without notice until “locked-in” by the applicant through the incoming tenant payment document and/or their executed rental agreement.  Further, once the applicant/leaseholder executes an incoming tenant payment document and/or rental agreement the continued guarantee of all pricing and specials is contingent on the applicant/leaseholder renting the rental unit for a minimum twelve month rental period and complying with all of the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. 

D.  Approval/Rejection Process of Application
All applicants complete and submit an application with the understanding that it is subject to acceptance by Evergreen Apartment Group, Inc., its agents and the specific community it manages for which the applicant is submitting an application and, subject to execution of a rental agreement covering said premises by a duly authorized agent of Evergreen Apartment Group, Inc.   The applicant represents and warrants that the information in the application is correct, truthful and complete to the best of the applicant’s knowledge and belief. The applicant hereby agrees that if any information contained in the application is false or willfully omitted, the application or any incoming tenant payment document and/or rental agreement issued in reliance thereon may be either rejected or terminated at the sole option of Landlord and/or their agents.   Any expense, inconvenience or damage caused by such rejection or termination is the applicant’s sole responsibility. The application, and all information contained therein, is incorporated into the applicant’s rental agreement, if any, and the applicant/leaseholder accepts the affirmative obligation to update or supplement the application in a timely fashion.

E.  Disclaimer for Verification and Use of Personal Information
The applicant specifically authorizes Evergreen Apartment Group, Inc., their agents, and/or any credit or background investigative specialist firm engaged by them to take actions including but not limited to contacting employers, landlords, banks, police for any police records, and other credit references for the purpose of verifying the information furnished by the applicant in the application. Without qualification of any kind the applicant specifically releases forever from any and all liability and/or claims on the applicant’s part any person or company supplying Evergreen Apartment Group, Inc., either now or in the future, with information pertaining to the application and/or rental agreement.  The applicant understands that (in addition to other methods) information is routinely secured through interviews with persons with whom the applicant is acquainted. In addition, without qualification of any kind the applicant specifically releases any information included in the application, rental agreement or other aspects of the applicant’s tenancy to any local, state or federal regulatory and/or law enforcement agencies and hold Evergreen Apartment Group, Inc. forever harmless from any and all liability for furnishing same. If for any reason applicant feels discriminated against in any part of the application process, applicant may send a complaint in writing to the Corporate Office of Evergreen Apartment Group, Inc., at 1627 New Jersey Ave. #2, New Castle, DE 19720.